ZAM Objectives


The Zambia Association of Manufacturers was formed primarily for the following objectives:

  • To promote and protect the interests of industrialists and manufacturers in Zambia.
  • To initiate and encourage discussion amongst members of the Association on all problems concerning industries in Zambia.
  • To advise the Zambian Government of any measures considered by the Association to be necessary from time to time for the establishment and support of industries in Zambia.
  • To promote the sales, both inside and outside Zambia of all the products of industries in Zambia and the attainment and maintenance of proper standards of quality in relation to price.
  • To collaborate with the Zambian Government on the prosecution of any measures agreed under object three above
  • To encourage market surveys and such other forms of economic and statistical research as may be valuable to the Association.
  • To collaborate with any other organisation having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Association
  • To enhance members’ understanding of the implications of global trade and regional trade agreements;
  • To promote fair trade and business practices, environmentally friendly manufacturing and socially responsible employment;
  • To promote value addition to local raw materials and encourage the transfer of appropriate technology;
  • To extend leadership by developing innovative interventions in support of Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises in areas that support mainstream participation of small enterprises in the provision of public services.

The aim of the association is to keep these objectives and achievements constantly before the public. It also aims to amalgamate entirely into partnership or into any other arrangement for union of interest, cooperation, joint venture, or reciprocal concession with any business entity, association, society or company engaged in any business or collaboration directly or indirectly connected to industry or business.

To fulfil this ZAM work closely with the Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI), an organization incorporating national local chambers of Commerce and other corporate business organization as well as corporate companies. ZAM also pioneered the formation of the Zambia Business Forum (ZBF) and is one of its first members. The objective was to develop a financially sustainable ZBF that influences, with consolidated private sector input on cross cutting issues, the GRZ reform policy for private sector led economic growth and employment creation